What is Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Getting your carpets cleaned is needed on a regular basis to maintain the appearance of your carpeting. In addition to this, it removes dirt, stains, and gets rid of harmful allergens. We aren’t talking about just removing a spot here or there either. Carpet cleaning can be done through several different methods, including a lesser-known but highly effective technique called encapsulation.

How does soil impact your carpeting

The majority of dry soil can be removed easily with standard dry vacuuming methods. However, sticky or oily soils hold and attract dry dirt and soil to the carpet surface. This leads to the gray, dull, ugly look commonly associated with old carpets. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Encapsulation is the Answer to Common Carpet Cleaning Issues

For a far more efficient cleaning process, you should use encapsulation carpet cleaning. Instead of allowing your carpet to go dull and gray, this method gets rid of recurring wicking or spill stains. The substance (a crystallizing polymer) will encapsulate dirt, allowing it to get extracted without setting in permanently.

  • A More Effective Clean: Unlike other cleaning methods, this doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue that will attract more dirt. What you will be left with is a clean, bright carpet, day after day.
  • A Longer Lasting Effect: Encapsulation methods allow your carpet to stay looking new for longer periods of time. The first part of this is counteracting oily or sticky soils. The encapsulation process will surround each particle of soil, crystallizing it, so it won’t draw in more dirt.

This technology has already been proven in the commercial world. Multiple large manufacturers in the U.S. recommend this form of carpet cleaning to maintain commercial surfaces.

what is encapsulation

Encapsulation products use polymer products that form a crystal once dried. This resulting crystal is a vehicle for capturing soil and removing it with a dry vacuum. These particles are released from your carpet fiber and become easier to extract with conventional vacuuming. Due to a lack of sticky residue left behind, your carpet remains clean for much longer. Some products might claim that they use encapsulation methods, but fall short when the time to remove soil with a vacuum afterward comes.

How to Tell a Good Encapsulation Product from a Bad One

You can perform a simple test that will allow you to see what your encapsulation product is really doing once it’s dried. Simply get your product and put some drops of it into a glass bowl for the night. In the morning, check and see if it formed a crystal and whether it will release readily from the bowl. Is it gooey and sticky? Did it stick to the bowl?

This easy test will show you what the dirt-releasing effectiveness of your product is. A quality product will leave a formed crystal that easily releases from a glass bowl. Remember that this crystallization process is what keeps the soil suspended and allows it to get properly extracted with a vacuum. If there is no crystallizing (or poor crystallizing), the dirt can’t be removed.

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